Estate and Legacy Planning

The Law Office of Benjamin Jarrell is the go-to estate-planning authority, a long-term partner for families transferring and protecting wealth for multiple generations. Families wishing to transfer business interests simply, while avoiding unnecessary taxes and maintaining an ongoing income, appreciate our unique approach to this important practice area.


Every person needs to plan for the future. We assist clients with estate planning services that ensure that they can protect their loved ones and provide for them in their absence and pass down what really matters- their legacy. We take a deliberate and non-rushed approach with our clients, and first and foremost we discuss what they need and desire in their estate plan. Then we propose the solution that best meets their needs, rather than try to force their plan into a particular estate planning “box.”. We try to emphasize that our planning process is fundamentally different from the process at some other law firms. We don’t sell basic, fill-in-the-blank documents, we help clients with comprehensive planning that takes all relevant factors into account.

Proper estate planning helps you manage and preserve your assets while you are alive, enables you to efficiently transfer assets to your intended beneficiaries at death (or before), and gives you the opportunity to protect your loved ones and their inheritances well after you ultimately pass away.  The potential components of an estate plan are as varied as the individuals who create them. We serve all types of families, including traditional families, single parent families, blended families, multigenerational families,  and nontraditional families including domestic partnerships and LGBT families, as well as handling the unique needs of business professionals and small business owners.

Usually, proper estate planning combines a number of the following:

  • Lifetime control over financial and health care decision-making
  • Planning for the cost-effective and expedient transfer of weath
  • Family maintenance and protection planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Charitable gifting
  • Estate and income tax planning
  • Legacy planning

We pride ourselves on crafting solutions that fit each client’s unique needs. In some cases the client may only require a simple will, in other cases it might require  a lengthy and complex trust plan that seeks to minimize tax liability and ensure that their family wealth passes to successive generations. Either way, our clients know that they will receive our full attention and a plan that will fit the needs of their unique family.

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